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If your child experiences a foot or ankle issue that’s painful, uncomfortable, or debilitating, see the experts at MB Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Specialists in Glendale and Palmdale, California. Their highly trained podiatrists offer a variety of advanced treatments for pediatric disorders of the foot and ankle. Call the office to schedule an appointment or book one online today.

Pediatric Disorders Q & A

What are pediatric disorders?

Common pediatric foot and ankle disorders, or foot problems that may affect children, can involve skin, muscles, other soft tissues, bones, or joints. They might result from a disease, injury, or genetic problem. 

Treatment with MB Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Specialists can improve children’s foot and ankle health and reduce discomfort.

What are examples of common pediatric disorders?

Pediatric foot or ankle disorders your child may experience at some point include:

  • Tendonitis
  • Sprains or strains
  • Fractures
  • Other injuries
  • Rashes
  • Burns
  • Lacerations
  • Punctures
  • Other wounds
  • Hammertoes
  • Bunions
  • Toenail fungus
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Calluses
  • Corns
  • Warts
  • Moles

Although it happens only rarely, some children develop arthritis that can affect all of their joints, including joints in their feet and ankles. 

What are the risk factors for pediatric foot or ankle problems?

Foot and ankle problems in babies, kids, and teens can result from a variety of situations. Examples include:

  • Injuries
  • Allergic reactions
  • Playing sports
  • Improper footwear
  • Genetic disorders
  • Walking barefoot outdoors
  • Falling down
  • Family history of foot or ankle problems

Wearing comfortable shoes that fit right, not going barefoot in public areas, and taking good care of your feet are ways your child can reduce their risk of foot issues.

How does my podiatrist diagnose pediatric disorders?

To get a diagnosis of your child’s foot disorder and its severity, you and the team at MB Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Specialists discuss the child’s symptoms and medical history. They evaluate your child’s feet and ankles and observe the way they walk and stand. 

MB Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Specialists may recommend that your child undergo blood tests, X-rays, other imaging procedures, tissue biopsies or swabs, nerve tests, or other diagnostic tests to make a final diagnosis and develop an effective treatment plan.

What are common treatments for pediatric foot and ankle problems?

Common treatments for pediatric foot or ankle problems include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE)
  • Bracing or casting
  • Crutches if needed
  • Oral or topical medications
  • Laser treatments
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy
  • Wart, callus, mole, or corn removal 
  • Ingrown toenail removal
  • Other minor surgical procedures
  • Lifestyle changes

The team at MB Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Specialists personalizes each treatment for your child and makes changes as needed to give them the best outcome and reduce the risk of future injuries. They follow up with your child periodically to ensure their treatment works the way it’s designed to.

To learn more about pediatric disorders or seek foot or ankle treatment for your child, call the nearest MB Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Specialists office or schedule an appointment online today.